Planned Breedings...

For Fall/Winter 2023 we are planning to breed Crayola, we have few lovely options for stud dogs for her, so are still deciding on who the lucky sire will be!


We also have a planned breeding for Scrabble in Spring of 2024.


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Our goal is to breed with the sole intention of preserving and improving the integrity, beauty and brains of this breed. We feel complete health testing is becoming more and more necessary in this breed in order to produce the healthiest puppies possible. To that end we do the following health clearances on our breeding prospects: OFA Hip and Elbow clearances, OFA Cardiac clearances, OFA Patella clearances and certifying eyes with the Canine Eye Registration Foundation.   Our Dogs are also DNA tested for PRA.


Our puppies are whelped in our home and are the focus of our lives while they are with us. Keypoint puppies are sold on mandatory spay/neuter contracts with written health guarantees. Before leaving our home, puppies will receive their first set of vaccines, have been de-wormed, vet checked, microchipped, eye checks done. Each puppy is sent home with his/her own puppy pack which includes a 3 generation pedigree, pictures of the Sire and Dam, copies of all titles and health clearances for the Sire and Dam, a copy of our contract, several articles regarding training and socializing your new puppy, a "New Puppy" help sheet with feeding guidelines, vaccine schedule and how to introduce your puppy to grooming! Most importantly - each Keypoint puppy comes with LIFETIME breeder support. We are available to our puppy people for the duration of their puppy's life.


Our puppies are also structurally evaluated at 8 weeks of age and leave for their new homes at 9 weeks of age.  Inquiries are always welcome and are promptly answered!


A Little Bit About How We Place our Puppies....

When you contact us, we will ask each other questions to determine if a Keypoint English Springer Spaniel is the right dog for you, and if you are the right family for a Keypoint puppy. If we both approve each other, the next step requires a $100.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot on our waiting list. We prefer to place our puppies to people we have met in person. However, we do understand that sometimes this is just not possible, and in special cases we may make exceptions.  If possible, we much prefer you to come and get your new baby in person, however, there are exceptions. When you ask to be put on our waiting list you may specify gender and colour and if you are looking for a pet companion or show potential puppy.  While we do realize you may have a colour or sex preference, we cannot always fulfill those requirements as simply have no control over that.  We ask that you keep and open mind in regard to sex and colour.  The right fit for your family should always come over sex and colour!


Most our pups are spoken for long before they are born. We decide which puppy goes to which home and the puppies are placed in the homes we deem best for them depending on the lifestyle of the home, what the new owners want to do with the puppy (i.e., family companion, obedience, agility, etc.), experience level of the puppy owners, etc. We do not allow our puppy people to pick their puppy! This is not meant to sound arrogant, however, it has been our experience that after spending 9 weeks with a litter we have a strong understanding of each pup's personality. We ask many questions of our prospective owners and use the information they provide to us along with our observations and the results of our temperament evaluations to determine placement. Another reason why we do not allow our puppy owners to choose their puppy is because our breedings are done for us, first and foremost. Therefore, we reserve the right to keep any puppy or puppies that we wish to add to our program or whom we feel may be a show prospect and we wish to hold on to him/her until a home comes along who will allow him/her to be shown.


Once you are on the list, we will keep you updated about the breeding, pregnancy, whelping and the pups' progress once they are born. We will continue to ask you questions about your lifestyle, as the puppy’s personalities develop to find the perfect puppy for your family.


The puppies are graded for structure at 8 weeks of age. For this reason, we may not always know until they are this age, which pups will be available. A $500.00 holding fee is required when the puppies are 14 days of age.  As stated above we cannot always fulfill gender or colour preferences.  If we do not have a puppy available your waiting list deposit is transferred to our next available litter.  Holding fees are non-refundable. Having the best puppy for your family should always come before colour and sex. After spending every waking minute with the puppies, getting to know them as individuals, and doing a formal evaluation of their temperament and structure, we have a very good understanding of what each puppy is like. For this reason, we match each family to the best pup for them. Some people would prefer to select their pup themselves, but even if you visit several times you cannot know the pups' personalities as well as we do. The best advice from experts is, "you pick the breeder that you trust, and then trust the breeder to find the right puppy for you". Another great thing about this method is there is no first pick, second pick, etc. No two homes are exactly alike, and so each family has a different ideal puppy.


Don't expect to be here and gone in 15 minutes... We will spend lots of time introducing you to your new family member, going over your contract and paperwork, showing you how to trim/grind nails, show and check teeth, and handle your puppy and answering any questions you might have and providing care, feeding and training instructions.


Our relationship doesn't end once you take your new puppy home with you. We are available to provide support and answer your questions for the lifetime of your dog. We EXPECT that you will keep in touch, and especially send pictures. We always llove to hear from our pups! Our puppy people become a part of our extended family, and we intend to remain an active part in the life of each puppy we produce. So please, if you are simply looking for a breeder who will take your money and never speak with you again, or if you have no intention of maintaining contact with us and sending us updates and photos of your puppy throughout his/her life…we would ask that you kindly look elsewhere for your puppy.



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